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Keratoconus is an eye disorder in which structural changes within the cornea cause it to thin and change in shape. Keratoconus can cause substantial distortion of vision such as nearsightedness, astigmatism, and decreased visual acuity. It is typically diagnosed in a patient's teenage years and attains its most severe state in the patient’twenties and thirties. For some, it may advance over several decades, but for most, the progression will reach a certain point and stop. Keratoconus is an absolute contraindication for corneal refractive surgery because it will thin the cornea even more, causing more prominent distortion and visual symptoms.

By far the most important organs of sense are our eyes. To maintain our good eye health, a comprehensive dilated eye exam by an ophthalmologist (eye doctor) is necessary to find eye diseases in the early stages when treatment to prevent vision loss is most effective.


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