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Inspiration for TRSC

TRSC International LASIK Center was founded in 1997 by Dr.Ekktet Chansue (Medical Director) and Wanida Chansue as the first private medical center in Thailand that specializes in visual correction. Wanida Chansue was one of first patients to undergo PRK surgery. Her experience of regaining good vision, along with her hospitality and nursing background, became her inspiration in founding TRSC.  


The pioneer era


1997 TRSC, The First Private LASIK Center in Thailand

Dr. Ekktet Chansue and Mrs. Wanida Chansue founded TRSC as the first private LASIK center in Thailand at Thai Wah Building with only 6 staff members. With the determination to raise the standard of the refractive surgery to new levels, TRSC’s vision was to combine exceptional medical standards with excellent service.

TRSC’s exclusive Patient Data System (PDS)
Dr. Ekktet Chansue and his team of programmers designed an online patient information management system to record and analyze all measurement results in order to obtain the most accurate and up-to-date information.

Technolas K217 Excimer Laser
Dr. Ekktet Chansue introduced Asia’s fi1st Technolas K217 Excimer Laser by Bausch and Lomb, then the most advanced excimer laser with capabilities to treat both myopia and astigmatism.  Using less time during operation, this technology also enabled faster vision recovery and highly accurate results.


In 2000, Thailand‘s first Technolas 217 Zyoptix Excimer Laser was introduced. Its innovations included the Flying Spot system, which allowed treatment plans to be customized according to each patient’s eye shape, and an eye tracking system with the fastest response time, to ensure an accurate treatment in the case of eye movement during surgery.


The era of Growth and Development

TRSC office 16.jpg

In 2001, From Thai Wah Building to U Chu Liang Building, Quadrupling in Size TRSC was the first LASIK center in Asia to receive the prestigious ISO 9001:2015 certification. To ensure the highest quality service at all times, we moved to the 6th floor of the U Chu Liang building, an area four times as large and TRSC was renamed as “TRSC International LASIK Center”


24-Hour Personal Counselors

With firm, progressive policies and the highest standard of patient care, Mrs. Wanida Chansue established the TRSC Personal Counselor Program, providing experienced personal counselors to all patients, who are available for consultation 24/7. Your TRSC personal counselor will provide close supervision and personal consultation during all stages of your journey with TRSC.


In 2003, Excimer Laser MEL80 by Carl Zeiss Meditec is available at TRSC.

TRSC selects the best technology of Excimer Laser MEL 80 from Carl Zeiss Meditec, Germany for the best possible outcome and highest visual quality results.


The leader in surgical technology

In 2010, TRSC introduces the VisuMax Femtosecond Laser for the first time in Thailand and Southeast Asia. This is the forefront technology of surgery as it uses Femtosecond laser to create corneal flaps instead of Microkeratome blade, making it an all laser surgery which is considered the technology of the future to provide the most accurate and safest treatment.

Dr. Ekktet Chansue and TRSC Ophthalmologists is the pioneer Ophthalmologists performing ReLEx Surgery in Thailand and is recognized internationally. TRSC has been appointed as ReLEx Educational Center by Carl Zeiss Meditec, visited by more than 500 ophthalmologists from leading healthcare facilities around the world.

In 2011, Excimer Laser MEL 80 was upgraded to the latest version.

TRSC maintains a high standard of patient services by importing the second Excimer Laser MEL 80 from Germany.

In 2019, VisuMax Femtosecond Laser was upgraded to the latest version. In response to a growing number of patients, TRSC increases the potential for better treatment with the second upgraded VisuMax Femtosecond Laser, the best technology available.


Introducing the latest Visumax 800 Femtosecond Laser for “Super ReLEx (SMILE Pro)”.

The most advanced femtosecond laser technology from Carl Zeiss Meditec, the Visumax 800 delivers “Super ReLEx (SMILE Pro)” and provides some key benefits for patients including increased patient comfort with three times faster laser speed, improved quality of vision and faster visual recovery.

VISUMAX 800 MEL 90 patient bed.png

At present


TRSC has been a leader in LASIK and ReLEx surgery in Thailand. A team of TRSC ophthalmologists has more than 26 years of experience in refractive surgery. We have been performing ReLEx surgery more than 90,000 eyes in the past decade with more than 99.6 % success rate. (Success Rate is defined as the ability to see at 20/40)


Data of 2022

* Uncorrected visual acuity (UCVA) is defined as visual acuity measured without correcting refractive errors.

  • If you have 20/16 vision, you can see things at 20 feet that people with normal 20/20 vision can see at 16 feet. This means you have vision that is better than 20/20.

  • 20/20 vision is normal vision acuity (the clarity or sharpness of vision) measured at a distance of 20 feet. If you have 20/20 vision, you can see clearly at 20 feet what should normally be seen at a distance.

  • Having 20/40 vision means that when you are standing 20 feet away from an object, you can see it just as clearly as a person with normal (20/20) vision can see an object that’s 40 feet away. You need to meet these requirements of 20/40 or better to get a standard driver’s license.

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