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About TRSC


In 1997, my parents founded TRSC as a small family business, with the aim of bringing laser vision correction to Thailand. TRSC was an instant success, and soon after, relocated to U Chu Liang Building for a larger space to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for a permanent solution for near-sightedness.

TRSC History

TRSC International LASIK Center was founded in 1997 by Dr.Ekktet Chansue (Medical Director) and Wanida Chansue (President) as the first private medical center in Thailand that specializes in visual correction. Wanida Chansue was one of first patients to undergo PRK surgery. Her experience of regaining good vision..


TRSC received ReLEx SMILE “Top Contributor Award” and was appointed as “Thailand SMILE Ambassador Center 2023” by Carl Zeiss Meditec, Germany. The awards recognize TRSC International LASIK Center as the highest volume and top ReLEx SMILE surgery center in Thailand with more than 25,000 eyes operated.


Patient happiness is our happiness As we strive to provide the highest level of treatment and service to all patients, we believe in passing on our happiness from the inside. With 25 years of experience, we have developed a team of 142 highly trained and specialized staff members, consisting of

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As one of the first centers in the world to achieve commercial success with both LASIK and ReLEx surgery, TRSC has been appointed as TRSC Medical Research Center by Carl Zeiss Meditec and serves to educate doctors aspiring in performing LASIK and ReLEx surgery. We have welcomed visitors from over 10 countries, including Thailand, Singapore, India, China and Vietnam.

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