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Near Vision for age-related farsightedness?

  • Near Vision or NV FemtoLASIK, NV LASIK, NV PRK is a procedure that reduces and alleviates the symptoms of presbyopia (age-related farsightedness) to eliminate or reduce the need for reading glasses.

  • Presbyopia is a condition that affects everyone, and its symptom is the inability or difficulty in seeing clearly over short ranges.

  • NV FemtoLASIK, NV LASIK, NV PRK creates monovision so that one eye is used to see over longer ranges while the other is used over short ranges, such as for reading.

Near Vision Technology


Near Vision treatment procedure

  • Test of the dominant and non-dominant eye and ability to see with monovision.

  • Unlike typical LASIK surgery, only one eye is treated. This eye is given a small amount of near-sightedness for reading and near work.

  • The technology of treatment depending on the suitability of each patient by using Excimer Laser to reshape the curvature of the cornea.

Age-related farsightedness (Prebyopia)

  • Starting at approximately 40 years old, most people will begin to notice that reading and other near tasks are not as easy as they once were. Focusing up close becomes more difficult. This is a natural part of the aging process as the crystalline lens loses its flexibility gradually over time and you are no longer able to focus up close. Presbyopia generally gets progressively worse until around late 60s, when it usually levels off.

  • TRSC uses the idea of ​​fully utilizing the potential of both eyes to reduce dependence on eyeglasses for good vision both near and far with NV FemtoLASIK / NV LASIK / NV PRK which is the newest treatment for problems associated with presbyopia. TRSC was the first LASIK center in Thailand to use this technology in the year 2000. Results have been successful and satisfactory for more than ten thousand patients.

Who may be qualified for Near Vision

  • Approximately 45 years of age or older.

  • Currently experiencing difficulty or discomfort in reading.

  • Good health and without any eye disease.

  • Adequate understanding of the benefits and limitations of Near Vision (FemtoLASIK/ LASIK/ PRK).

Advantage of Near Vision

  • It is a treatment for people with presbyopia to be able to read and perform most near vision tasks without needing to wear glasses.

Limitations of Near Vision

  • Some patients may dislike monovision, so testing monovision with glasses or contact lens is required for a minimum of 1 week to simulate the surgery before making a decision whether NV LASIK is suitable for you.

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