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Message from MD


Parama Chansue

Message from the MD

In 1997, my parents founded TRSC as a small family business, with the aim of bringing laser vision correction to Thailand. TRSC was an instant success, and soon after, relocated to U Chu Liang Building for a larger space to accommodate the ever-increasing demand for a permanent solution for near-sightedness.

It had always been my parents’ dream to provide the highest level of eye care and service possible. Over the years, this dream took shape and was continually developed and refined, which is I believe why we have always maintained our position as the leader in refractive surgery. 

With his experience, my dad (Dr. Ekktet Chansue) is one of the most highly respected refractive surgeons globally, having been one of the first to achieve successful results with ReLEx surgery using one of his inventions, the "Chansue ReLEx Dissector". On the other hand, my mom is a visionary in creating a truly patient-oriented experience. She introduced the first ever 24 hour personal patient counselor program, as well as the most comfortable massage chairs provided for our patients during eye dilatation, and a comprehensive multimedia program to inform our patients of not only the benefits of refractive surgery, but also the associated risks. Our excellence in refractive surgery and service has proven itself over time, and one of the most impressive statistics is that over 90% of our patients have been referred to us by a friend, or a family member.

I am extremely proud to be in this position of continuing my parents’ dream. After graduating from UCLA in 2017, I moved back to Bangkok and became a part of TRSC. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and collect many experiences, but none truly compares to what my parents have created. Their dream is now my passion, and I promise to deliver the best results, as well as continually improve and innovate, for our patients.

Parama Chansue

Managing Director
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