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EP. 04 : Can wearing contacts damage your eyes?

Can wearing contacts damage your eyes? By Dr. Patchima Chantaren : TRSC International LASIK Center

Can wearing contacts damage your eyes? By Dr. Patchima Chantaren : TRSC International LASIK Center

“Yes, it can affect the eyes.”

The effects contacts have on your eyes are as follows :

1. Short-term effects of contact lens.

- Corneal infection due to contact lens wear can be categorized by an eye doctor as follows.

  • Initial stage : Eye redness with discharge, eye pain and irritation, light sensitivity, may also notice the white spots on the cornea.

  • Severe stage : The infection is more advanced and severe due to not being treated promptly or being a serious infection and it can lead to vision loss or even blindness.

- The following improper wear and care of contact lens can cause eye infections.

  • Sleeping in your contact lens.

  • Improper care of contact lens such as

- Not disinfecting your contact lens thoroughly. - Reusing contact lens solution. - Not keeping contact lens case clean.

- Eye discomfort due to wearing wrong size of contact lens which sometimes may be too big or too small for your cornea.

2. Long-term effects of contact lens. (Usually for those who have been wearing contacts for more than 3-5 years)

- Dry eye is the most common problem caused by insufficient or poor quality tears.

- Contact lens allergy: Caused by body reaction to silicone or protein deposits on the lenses when wearing them for a very long time, the conjunctiva that was once smooth, turning into a convex appearance affecting the eyelids. In time, it will lead to the symptom called Contact Lens Intolerance, that the patients are not able to wear contacts due to irritation or discomfort.

We recommend that to safely wear contact lenses, you must be committed to caring for them properly in order to protect your eyes and reduce the risk of infections. If you have any of the above symptoms, talk with your ophthalmologist or eye care professional for a proper medical treatment or recommendation.

*Contact lens refers to the most popular soft contact lens which is convenient and easy to use. The durability of soft contact lens is available in daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly.

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