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EP. 01 : "Cellphone usage = Nearsightedness? "

Updated: Jun 1, 2021

#See2020 Ep. 1 : "Cellphone usage = Nearsightedness? "

“For adults, there is no evidence, but for children it may be the case.

In adults, there is no scientific conclusion that the use of eyesight will lead to permanent vision changes. Excessive usage of eyesight at close range results in contraction of eye muscles (known as accommodative spasm) and induces transient myopia. This spasticity will gradually disappear with eyesight rest. There is currently no evidence that accommodative spasm causes a permanent increase in myopia.

However, in young children, excessive use of mobile devices may cause permanent myopia. Research shows that children who spend time outdoors are less likely to be nearsighted than children indoors.

In any case, continuous eyesight usage should be divided into short periods. Every 20 minutes, relax your eye muscles by looking at an object far away or by closing your eyes for 20 seconds.

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