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"ReLEx surgery has given me freedom from my glasses to travel without restriction. I can now see very clearly!"


"I don't think it's wrong to do ReLEx at TRSC.

Can really see clearly, a perfect 10."


"ReLEx gives a new world...

Not exaggerated."


"ICL is really great! See clearly immediately

I've been wearing glasses for 18 years.

Today I've been waiting for."


Godji Tachakorn

“After ReLEx, my vision is so clear! So good!”


Ajumma Nammy

“I did ReLEx at TRSC. My vision is very sharp, no more need for glasses.”


San, Bearhug

“ReLEx was a great decision. I’m so happy that my eyes feel comfortable and I can live with more ease.”

ice padie.jpg

“The service here was excellent and my doctor was very friendly. TRSC helped me feel at ease because they explained everything so clearly.”



“3 years after ReLEx and my life is so much better. I can now drive, swim and take care of my son with perfect vision. It was definitely worth the investment.”

Rockey Journey



“TRSC’s personal counselors look after your eyes 24/7. Perfect.”


Faifu Pataranawat

“It’s like a whole new world. I can see clearly with my bare eyes, which is something I haven’t experienced in decades.”


Mint, I Roam Alone

“I feel reborn! When I wake up every morning and can see the clock, it’s an amazing experience.”


Pop Pinyot Pibulsonggram

"After surgery, I can see immediately which is unbelievable. Now my vision is so clear, and I don’t have to wear contact lenses or glasses anymore. It made my life easier with all kinds of my favorite water sports."


Gift Chanisa Pariyanuphap

“My vision is much better, making my work a lot easier. As a pilot, I am responsible for everyone on each journey, and therefore, my eyesight is very important.”


Tan Passakornnatee

“After my NV LASIK procedure, bye bye to my reading glasses!
I can read, work without worry.
If I knew, I would have done
NV LASIK long ago.”

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